For 2013, Maria Lau presents the Classicology collection for her eponymous brand featuring a selection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This collection revisits signature styles and celebrates the highlights of the brand since its birth 4 years ago. The result is a timeless collection that updates the key elements that have attracted so many fans. Through her handcrafted jewellery, Lau blends unconventional materials and textures in an innovative and luxurious way to create fluidity and tactility for the modern woman.

Inspired by fantasy and superheroes, this collection is a new chapter in the life of Lau's muse - a strong modern female character with the spirit of a Samurai princess. With blood running like mercury, she battles demons by night and seeks redemption in the dawn. The strength and femininity of Lau's woman is reflected through the collection's design ethos: playfulness, dynamism, duality and multi-functionality. In this supernatural sphere, where superhero transformations are a part of the natural course of life, fringed tassels become the smooth flowing ponytail that sweeps over the shoulder of a feisty femme fatale and necklaces morph into chokers for an alluring touch of punk.

In an enigmatic palette of black, gunmetal, steel and flashes of silver, the materials of choice include an eclectic mix of both raw and refined textures: PVC, shock cord elastic, fringing, glass crystal, hematine and stainless steel studs with silver and black plated components.

Art direction and styling: StudioFIL
Photography: Eddie Cheng
Make-up and Hair: Lucy Pearson
Model: Christie @Nevs + Laura Cherry