AW10 Tribal Clish-Clash

'The leaves hush and footsteps are silenced. The volcano beats out and puffs. Deep in the underground jungle, She collides with an alternate universe. ...Earth! Wind! Fire!’

In the imaginary clashing of two tribes: the Amazonian Matis and Ethopian Nyangatom are fused together to create a new futuristic tribe. This collection is fun and energetic, taking influences from the eclectic styles and music from underground club-culture.

A fresh and youthful edge transpires in this dramatic collection as colourful clashes of pinks and greens with petroleum purple combine on a base of black. Materials used include fluoro-pink hair, black lava beads, semi-precious stones in hematine, agate, jade and calcite.

Image credits:
Concept and styling: Maria Lau
Photography: Sarah Jones
Hair and Make-up: Jodie Smith
Model: Jemma Jade Saare