AW11 Two Planets

Venus and Earth
Two planets collide
Cloaked in his black clouds
Moonlit sky fills her eyes

Maria Lau's Autumn Winter 2011 season concludes the two-part collection 'Two Planets'. This collection moves her jewellery into a darker, edgier universe as 'Venus' and 'Earth', represented by the female and male, fully collide. The textured golds of the previous season are transformed with the addition of smoother black surfaces, and the thorn-like hematine and agate tusks hint at the danger lurking behind our two star-crossed lovers.

This handcrafted range has a monochromatic palette accented with metallic sheens and matt nude to create an emphasised elegance for the new season. 'Two Planets' plays with both feminine and masculine textures, combining the softer elements of long ponytails with harder features like chunky tourmaline giving a truly androgynous and luxury appeal to Lau's pieces.

Tourmaline - a stone reputedly prized for intellectuals, is combined with obsidian, agate, hematine and also plated components in black and dull-tin finishes. Lau's signature braided hosiery lengths are retained to balance comfort and tactility with the hard, luxurious surfaces of gems.

The addition of single unisex earrings feature studded body-piercing adornments which are encased by intricately braided hosiery and entwined with chain links - adding a textural detail which re-appropriates piercings into suspended jewels reflecting the tribal influence that runs in many of Lau's collections.

'Two Planets' has a luxurious casual edge, with slip-over-the-head long necklaces and a highly wearable monochromatic palette. The three-piece 'Black Luna' range, including a necklace with adjustable length, bracelet and earrings provide a more accessible range to the Maria Lau label, where additions of metal components and chain in chemical black-plate and stainless steel create a wearable and unisex style.

Art Direction and Styling: Philip Li
Photography: Jonny Finch
Make-up and Hair: Lucy Pearson
Models: Wei Chiung Lin @Union and Joe D'arcy @Nevs