SS12 Luminescence

Blending into infinite white
Descending in blinding light
Silver shinobi falls from the sky

Poised and streamlined body
She is ready but no one sees
‘Shinobi Kunoichi’…

Maria Lau introduces the 'Silver Shinobi' for her 2012 collection, more commonly referred to as 'ninja' in the Western world. The 'Silver Shinobi' by daylight becomes the new muse for SS12, with the supernatural ability to become invisible and manipulate natural elements, bringing a monochromatic colour palette of silvers and greys, with an injection of peach for Summer.

Lau combines intricate and eclectic styled beading with hematine and glass crystals with a new sculptural technique, deftly weaving and wrapping in the bolder textures of shock-cord elastic and leather thong between transparent and smoke coloured PVC cord to create simple yet bolder structures for statement jewellery. 'Luminescence' SS12 sees her explore new materials and techniques to create a dramatic jewellery collection with strong sculptural lines and sophisticated detailing.

The surfaces of skyscrapers built into an imaginary landscape are transformed into spine-like columns, rendering the jewelled pieces organic and futuristic at the same time. Rows of beads snake and wind in this collection – as they change in form, tone and dimension, to create sculptural and wearable expressions of adornment.

Other materials used in this collection include burnished and silver plated metal beads with stainless steel studs and chain. 'Luminescence' is not for the faint hearted, this is a luxurious and dynamic collection with stand-alone pieces to create impact.

Art Direction and Styling: Philip Li
Photography: Eddie Cheng
Make-up and Hair: Lucy Pearson
Model: Christie Corbally @ Nevs