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Here are some jewellery care instructions for you:

All items of jewellery have been individually made in the designer's studio in England. Wearing and storing the jewellery with care goes a long way to ensure its longevity. 

We advise removing jewellery before showering, swimming or bedtime to prolong the life of your pieces. Do not apply perfume or body products whilst wearing the jewellery, we advise applying it beforehand and letting it absorb into the skin first. 

Beaded jewellery - best stored flat in a smooth line to avoid bending and damaging the wire. Avoid contact with perfume and moisture to prevent discolouration. 

Sterling silver and plated items - natural oils from the skin as well as one's individual skin pH balance can cause tarnishing. To slow down this process, store jewellery away from dust and light to protect it from oxidisation which can darken silver. After wear, the jewellery can be cleaned with a soft cloth to remove oils and any dust. A silver polishing cloth can be used to bring back the original silver surface. Avoid excessive polishing on plated surfaces to preserve their coating. Any metal surface should be free from particles before polishing so as to avoid scratching. 

Gemstone beads - these naturally formed materials can chip or crack so be careful to avoid dropping or banging on hard surfaces. Avoid storing pieces together to prevent scratches. Clean with a soft lint-free cloth.  

Fabric - can be gently spot cleaned with a small amount of washing-up liquid or makeup stain remover such as "Stain Devil's" - dab a little onto a clean soft sponge dipped in warm water or apply neat. Work from the outside in to avoid enlarging stains.

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